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OWN: Onyx Woman Network founder, Ola Jackson brings exciting one-day conference to women of color in Philadelphia


Ola Jackson, Founder of OWN: Onyx Woman Network

Ola Jackson, Founder of OWN: Onyx Woman Network

Pittsburgh, PA (BlackNews.com) — Ola Jackson, founder of OWN: Onyx Woman Network, has spent 23 years being a voice and giving a voice to women of color through her magazine, workshops, seminars and conferences. She started her business, in response to her need to be home with her Autistic son, she had to figure out how she could fulfill her commitment to care for her child and pursue her own dreams at the same time.

“Our goals is helping women get closer to their goals,” says Jackson. “You may be frustrated in the moment or on a particular day but keep working toward your goals.”

It was her experience juggling entrepreneurship, motherhood, caregiver and wife that was the impetus for her wanting to produce a conference entirely focused on showing women how to set and execute realistic goals. In her experience, she saw that women needed guidance with planning and implementing the steps to pursue their own goals; but most of all sustaining once they achieved their goals.

The keynote speaker for the conference is Arlinda Moriarty, CEO of Moriarty Consultants, a home healthcare business with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Atlanta. At the age of 30, Moriarty was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA).

According to Web MD, adults with ADHD may have difficulty with time management, organizational skills, goal setting and employment. They may also have problems with relationships, self-esteem and addictions.

In spite of the pitfalls of the disorder, Moriarty is one of the largest minority-owned businesses in Pittsburgh, and has grown her home healthcare business into a multi-million dollar business with more than 1,300 employees in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Although, ADHA affected Moriarty’s marriage and her business; Moriarty did not let the obstacles defeat her. “I’m thrilled to be part of the GOALS Conference and share my story with women who are being distracted from going where they want to go and getting where they want to be,” said Moriarty. “I overcame a major obstacle with my disability, but the lessons learned apply to any woman facing challenges in her business, her life or with her health and wellness.”

Jackson first met Arlinda Moriarty, when Moriarty appeared as a guest on Jackson’s talk show. Jackson recognized Moriarty as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009. When creating the GOALS conference, Moriarty was a natural choice as keynote speaker, having overcome her own obstacles in spite of major challenges that would have lead many women to simply feel defeated and give up.

Jackson adds, “That is the message that we want to women to leave with. There are so many barriers that may arise, but women need to know how successful people stay focused and navigate during turbulent times.”

The GOALS Conference is not just for entrepreneurs, all women and men are encouraged to attend to learn how to remove the barriers that impact their quality of life and get out of “Stuck”. Topics include Lifestyle Goals, Entrepreneurial and Financial Goals and Wellness Goals. Sponsors include Highmark, Moriarty Consultants, Onyx Woman Magazine and Homegirl CEO.

GOALS Conference
Saturday, October 4, 2014
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Hampton Inn Hotel – Center City
1301 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Learn more at: www.TheNEWNetworkTV.com/the-goals-conference/

About OWN: Onyx Woman Network:
Started in 1991, OWN: Onyx Woman Network, is a multi-media network which provides career, entrepreneurial and financial information exclusively for women of color with emphasis on African-American women. The mission is to help women on their adventures up the corporate ladder, on their journey through entrepreneurship and on to financial self-sufficiency. You can learn more at www.onyxwomannetwork.com

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