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Sons of the Prophets and the Law of Decree and Command

Power In the Word: “The Gospel that Works!”
By Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II

Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II, Pastor, Word of Life Community Church

Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II, Pastor, Word of Life Community Church

Nothing happens until God says for it to happen.  We must get to the place where when we say things, we mean what we say.  Whatever God said, He saw it.

A teaching ministry is different from a traditional form of preaching.  Preaching inspires, but teaching explains.  Once I get an explanation, I know what I’m inspired about.  In church, for the most part, we’ve been carrying on with a lot of emotional rhetoric and getting people to operate in their emotions.

The Bible speaks of three types of mankind:  (1.) the natural man. The natural man CANNOT receive the things of God because they are spiritually discerned.  (2.) the carnal man.  That’s the Christian who doesn’t think it takes all the spiritual “hoopla” that Christians carry on with:  speaking in tongues, being filled with the Holy Ghost, reading your Bible every day, praying all the time, etc.  When you’re a liberal Christian,  if you don’t keep yourself disciplined, it’s easy for you to veer off.  You leave out of church after a spiritual experience, you get in your car and you don’t have the right stuff on the radio that agrees with what you just heard.  Your spirit man gets in conflict.

When you’re an athlete and in training for an event (or if you just want to train year-round), you keep yourself on a strict diet.  I have to constantly keep myself feeding on the things of God.  I can’t take a break from this.   If you’re being attacked in your body,  there’s a lot of stuff you’ve got to stay out of.

We are prophetic people.  The Bible literally calls us the “sons of the prophets.”  That either means that we’re students of prophets or we’re the very offspring of prophets.  And just because I’m prophetic doesn’t mean that I’m a prophet.  But we’re hearing words in the Kingdom now like, “apostolic,” and “prophetic.”  If I’m around this, I want to know what this means.  The same abilities that the Holy Spirit attributed and distributed to the men of old are available to us today.  I’m prophetic.  I’m seeing stuff that other people don’t see.  I hear things that other people CAN’T hear.

The third type of man is the  spiritual man.  “He that hath an ear,  let him hear what the Spirit speaks to the churches.”   When God speaks to me, He speaks to me Spirit-to-spirit.  If my spirit man is not in tune to the voice of God, I won’t even recognize when God’s talking to me.  In order for me to really hear from God, I’ve got to get spiritual, not so I can prophesy or operate in the gift, but  I just want to be on the right frequency when God speaks to me.  I need to recognize the Father’s voice because the Father only wants good things for me.

When the enemy attacks you, he tries to attack in the framework of where you are in the Word.  “Little Word, little power.”  The Bible says that there’s power in the Word of God.  I’m most concerned about you growing spiritually and being able to walk this Word out.  People drop out of school, but only the elite few finish.  A lot of folks start but everybody doesn’t finish.  “The race isn’t given to the swift or the strong….” I can’t be wishy-washy in this thing.   You’re got to stay out of the flesh.  And the “flesh” is more than just fornication and adultery.

I’ve got to fix my face like a flint and get ROOTED in this Word.  “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

“And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not.”  DON’T QUIT!

Scriptures:  Genesis 1:3, 4, 9, 11; Galatians  5:19-21; 6:9; Psalms 1:3; Ecclesiastes 9:11; Revelation 2:7; II Kings 2:5.

Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II is the pastor/teacher of Word of Life Community Church of Whister, and Chickasaw, AL.  For teaching materials, please call (251) 456-2652.

Power In the Word:  “The Gospel that Works!”
Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II
Pastor, Word of Life Community Church

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