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Nation’s Leading Good Jobs Consumer Guide Launches
Major Expansion, Services Growing Fair Pay Movement

LOS ANGELES — The nation’s largest guide for savvy buyers who want to shop where employees are paid livable wages is getting even bigger and better.

Beginning October 8, Labor 411’s new website – www.Labor411.org –  will enable consumers to pinpoint by neighborhood where their shopping dollars are helping communities the most and, at the same time, avoid retailers that do not treat their workers well.

Labor 411’s expanded directory and website now offer more than 6,000 listings covering hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses in two of the nation’s top consumer markets, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Later this fall the directory will expand to include a comprehensive guide to Washington, DC.

“This is a major step forward in the effort to make it easy for consumers to support good jobs and ethical businesses with their buying power,” says Cherri Senders, creator of Labor 411. “As the movement for good jobs continues to grow, it is critical that Americans can direct their consumer dollars to employers that honor the value of fair pay for hard work.”

The re-launch of Labor 411’s new web site comes as an increasing number of states and cities across the country seek to increase the minimum wage and stem the rise of economic inequality. Thirteen states have raised the minimum wage since 2013, along with 11 cities or counties. Just two weeks ago, Los Angeles voted to raise the minimum wage for workers at large hotels to $15.37, one of the highest in the nation. This summer Seattle established the highest overall minimum wage in the country at $15 an hour, and San Francisco voters will consider a $15 rate in November. Oakland and San Diego are also attempting to raise the pay of low-wage workers.

“The rapid growth of the fair wage movement has created an opportunity for high-road businesses to appeal to consumers who want to support good jobs,” says Roxana Tynan, executive director of the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, a leading advocate for higher wages. Activists believe there is a huge market for employers that treat their workers well, just as environmentally friendly businesses have successfully captured an increasing share of consumer dollars.

“We need to make it as easy to support a business that provides good jobs as it is to shop for green products,” says Senders. “That’s our mission with Labor 411 – we want consumers to use their buying power to help rebuild the American middle class.”

Founded in 2008, Labor 411 assembles its directory listings based on government records, union databases, media reports and other sources that offer the most current and accurate information on job quality. The expanded website now offers thousands of listings of living wage businesses, from entertainment venues to hotels and restaurants to retailers and service providers. Labor 411 has already built a large and enthusiastic online audience, reaching more than 45 million Facebook users in the past year.

“America needs a powerful consumer movement that promotes the interests of American workers and high-road businesses while ensuring the growth of the nation’s economy,” says Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. “This movement must be built on the ground in the nation’s most important cities, and Labor 411 is leading the way.”

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