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Israel’s Wealthy Class Continues To Bomb Poor Families, Women and Children in Palestine

People to poor to leave the war zone are targets of the Israeli military and United States weapons

People to poor to leave the war zone are targets of the Israeli military and United States weapons

It’s been over three weeks since oldest and the most famous biblical family feud between two brothers began bombing each other again. Israel has been bombing Palestine claiming they are protecting their own people. Palestine has been bombing Israel after a number of Palestinian children were killed in reaction to three Israeli boys killed by unknown assailants whom Israeli leadership presumes were Palestinian assailants.

The United States is complicit in choosing sides in a family feud between two brothers. United States foreign policy decided to take sides in this conflict by providing one side with very lethal weapons and the other side no weapons. In addition the US has provided a defense shield to prevent most rockets from Palestine to be destroyed before landing in Israel. This policy has back fired badly placing the United States in possible violation of international war crimes. Money in United States politics has contributed to much of the suffering in the our country and the World today.

Israel and the United States are now responsible for killing children, babies, and adults in Palestine. Washington leadership will continue to pour more blood onto their hands by providing Israel with more weapons and ammunition.

United States leaders failed to realize this war is not a fight over natural resources but a Biblical family feud between two States, one recognized State and the other not, who share the same DNA. Two brothers with one who wants to totally destroy the other.

Israel’s population is very divided over the initiation of this latest war. Israel has been divided over wealth and class lines for centuries. The extremely wealthy in Israel and the United States has continued in trying to taint the long legacy of a tremendously great and kind people.

This wealthy class mostly supports this war while middle class and poor Israeli’s are against the conflict. Unfortunately bought off US media has presented the wealthy and soldier’s side of the story only, while ignoring Israeli main street citizens and Palestinians. US media refuses to show demonstrations taking place in Israel and Palestine. Furthermore US major television and cable new’s media bias refuses to show Americans pictures of dead children killed by American made weapons. This media policy is like United States major media today focusing on Wall Street numbers, wealthy class news stories and trash programs for main street.

If the United States had not provided Israel’s wealthy class so many weapons this conflict would not be taking place. The State of Israel would have had the desire to get along with it’s neighbors. Instead Israel relies on weapons from the United States more than diplomacy.

This failed weapons distribution policy by United States politicians who are afraid of being removed from office by the US wealthy class will continue to lead to more death to innocent women and children on both sides, mainly Palestinian. Today, the United States government agreed to send Israel more ammunition to kill more babies, women, elderly, sick who are too poor to leave the war zone.

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