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Establishing a Real Business Community

African American Owned Businesses Employ More African American Youth

Africans and African Americans have no viable business community in the United States or Africa. Evidence of this truth is reflected by starving families in Africa. Evidence of the truth is established in the United States by high unemployment rates by African American youth and a high prison population.

More African American owned businesses would substantially lower high youth unemployment and reduce incarceration rates. Black Economic Development reported African American owned businesses hire more African Americans than businesses owned by other cultures.

The lack of a real economic system for African Americans has muffled African American Leaders, Clergy, Celebrities and Athletes from speaking out about prejudice and Civil Rights violations occurring in the United States and in Africa countries. These leaders are not capable of leading due to risking the loss of advertising dollars and discipline by the owners who employ them.

We have been taught to get a good education and then work for a corporation or government. Those of us who gained employment have done well for our families by doing this. But what happen to our people who weren’t able to get a job at a corporation or government agency?

WE AS AFRICAN AMERICANS have not been educated on competing economically. We have educated ourselves on how to compete well in sports, hair, music and entertainment. African Americans need to transform that competitive spirit into competing with the World in business by developing products and a broader range of services.

Dr. Claud Anderson has lead African American community in teaching the importance of creating real economic power. Please listen to his speech below.

Our World is driven by business and land ownership, not wealth. How many celebrities and athletes have we seen obtain tremendous wealth and lose it all. We watch them return to poverty which they came from because they were never educated on achieving real economic power.

The lack of respect African Americans receive in the United States and parts of the World is due to our lack of economic power. We are judged by the poorest African American in this country. The starving African child in some countries in Africa is used as the continents face of their economic power.

Yet as much as African American attend church I personally have never heard a sermon on how God defines greatness. Our churches need to preach sermons on Matthew 9:33-37. We don’t know the greatest people on this earth are recognized by how they care for their own children, then care for other children.

Instead the World see’s music video’s of African Americans in chains and women seductively dressed making sexual gestures. African American men and women who don’t engage in this behavior can’t get recording contracts from employers of other cultures. African American men dressed as women in movies liken to the minstrel shows of the late 1800’s. Some African Americans even hate their people because of the negative images provided by other cultures. Most of us won’t even buy “African American or African” because of our artificially inseminated negative beliefs. All the while our youth are jobless or incarcerated.

Our grandparents taught us how to create businesses. It starts in your home if African Americans live around you. You could serve food, provide services and sell products to family, neighbors and friends right from your home. Once your business begins to take off contact your local Black Chamber of Commerce to get help in obtaining a business license, documenting sales & taxes, insurance and finding a business space not far from your home.

You can start right now and get into the economic race for REAL.

EXODUS – A Movement of God’s People.