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Child Slavery Alive and Well in Each Bite of Chocolate you Eat this Halloween

The delicious candy bars you eat which can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimers contain chocolate extracted from child slavery and processed sugar. The combination of these two ingredients makes chocolate candy and other chocolate foods taste good to our mouths, but behind the veil of this great taste is heartache, misery and death.

Young children ages 11 to 14 years old are tricked and bused from their homes in poor countries in Africa such as Mali to be trafficked as child slaves at cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast state. The labor comes from states in African which are intentionally kept poor by organized crime criminals from wealthy ungodly states.

Africans and African Americans can change this horror if we create our own chocolate businesses and work together in making sure chocolate is grown and produced they way God would like us to do. As a side note chocolate taste best and is healthier when sweetened with honey.

Chocolate and Child Slavery

Chocolate and Child Slavery

There are men in Africa who trying to stop child trafficking. They are fighting against tremendous odds and are killed if they try to reveal this crime. These good men need help from African Americans with resources to change the business climate in their countries. Of course like in America their are Uncle Toms, who play a part in child trafficking crimes.

Most of the current producers of chocolate, who have produced chocolate for years, have proven through their lack of humanity that they will never do what is right in the sight of God. How long must our children suffer before we have the courage to step in and correct this horrific crime? As you know money made from slavery, especially child slavery is an abomination to humanity and God.

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