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Black Travel Club

Black Travel Club

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Black Travel Club, a new travel club catering primarily to the black travel market, is announcing a new travel rewards program that allows its members to earn free vacations. In conjunction with its rewards program, the club has also launched an online social network where members can interact with others, sharing ideas and information about past, present, and future vacations. An annual group vacation is also on deck to round out the club’s offering.

Black Travel Rewards Program
The rewards program currently offers members a $50 travel credit for every friend they refer to Black Travel Club. Travel credits can be collected and used toward the club’s annual group vacation, other travel at the member’s discretion, or non-travel products and services wherever members enjoy shopping. The program is designed to go viral and drive growth of the club as members encourage their friends to join. “It’s a perfect way to make vacations more affordable,” explains club founder Aubrey Williams. “Vacations like Caribbean cruises and Hawaii trips are still out of reach for many people, and our program bridges the gap.”

Online Social Network
BlackTravelClub.com allows members to interact via messaging, photos, blogs, forums, and more. The online social network can be described as somewhat of a Facebook-like environment, but it’s entirely dedicated to travel & vacations. It’s also much less complicated than Facebook, so it takes only a few minutes to master. Members can post vacation photos, trade vacation tips, discuss good deals they’ve spotted, and make new friends.

Annual Group Vacation
One of BTC’s goals is to bring people together around travel as a common interest. To help accomplish this goal, the club is planning annual group vacations to destinations like The Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe. While these events are optional for members, they are designed to get members offline for real face to face time with other BTC members.

Free Lifetime Memberships
As of September 3rd, the club was offering free lifetime memberships to help build an initial base of members. Free lifetime memberships are available while the normal $99 fee is temporarily being waived. More information is available at www.blacktravelclub.com

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