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An open Letter to President Obama and America, regarding Michael Brown

Unarmed Michael Brown shot and killed by police officer who feared him.

By Attorney Roy Miller

If you know what is good for you, look the other way. But, I don’t think people are looking the other way.

Probable Cause: We are convinced that a crime was committed with the murdering of Michael Brown and that Police Officer Darren Wilson most likely committed the crime. We were convinced that probable cause existed to arrest Officer on day one. Officer Darren Wilson should have been immediately arrested for the murder of Michael Brown.

I don’t think that it is about the murder of the teen Michael Brown, as much as it is about the straw that broke the Camel’s back. When you treat people equal from the start, rage based on inequality, is not possible. Unfortunately, power does not seek equality. Why is there a mystery as to what is wrong with Race Relations in America?

Our communities have many times seen our people beat down and arrested, based on very little evidence of certainly. We are arrested first and we hope to get decent representation, investigation and our day in court later. Yet, we see representation, expensive investigation and what amounts to a day in court being given to the White police officer, even before an arrest is made. We saw the same in the Trayvon Martin case. One race gets more justice before the arrest, than the other race gets after the arrest. This is Opposite Justice.

Seeing this so clearly, are we expected to look the other way? This is an attempt to get people to accept ultimate disrespect. We spoon feed our youth to pretend that someone spitting on them is cool rain. Respect! This is why I fought and succeeded at having the n-word deleted from a major dictionary in 1994. Black on Black Crime is encouraged by getting people to accept ultimate disrespect, until it reaches deep down to their souls and manifests through hate, rage and bad character. The acceptance of ultimate disrespect convinces us that we are nobody and that a black life is not worth a dime.

When you treat people differently for doing the very same bad act, eventual rage is predictable. It is not just limited to race. In grammar school, an all Black class was filled with friends and one day the teacher decided to seat the brighter skin kids at the front and the darker skinned kids toward the back. The friendships soon ended. Treating people equally erases rage, based on inequality. A zero tolerance towards inequality is the answer. We need a serious discussion on Race Relations and Inner Race Relations.

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