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An American Coup d’etat

By Eli Parker

editorialsThe Republican Party’s attempt to overthrow the government has failed. President Clinton will remain in office. Perhaps, we have survived one of the greatest threats to our democracy since foreign dictators of the nineteen forties and confederate armies of the eighteen sixties attempted to destroy the government.

The right to elect our government officials has been saved, despite the efforts of the Republican Party. A Party built by the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and populated by anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-immigrant and anti-change zealots.

What about the complicity of the U. S. Senate? A body having no representation from nearly 25% of the population since there are no African American or Hispanic Senators. A body lead by Republican Senator Trent Lott from Mississippi. Who, when he is not addressing White supremacist groups, is running the Senate. Could the Senate, which is 97% White, be trusted to fairly treat a President who has fought for equal opportunity for all?

What about the so-called independent counsel, Ken Starr, who spent years and millions of dollars trying to get the President? Starr, failing at Whitewater, Filegate and Travelgate, created Sexgate? Is any American’s legal rights safe from Ken Starr’s belief of what is justice?

Let us not forget the mouth piece of the Republican Party, the Wall Street Journal. A paper that has lead a relentless six year attack on the President. This paper seems to be as far away from objective reporting as subjective reporting can be.

What is the punishment for those who have attempted to overthrow the government? In many places in the world, they would be thrown into prison or worse. Should they be allowed to walk among free men and women even though they attempted to take away the most precious right an American has and that is the right to vote and have that vote respected? Should the plotters remain in office or on the public scene to continue to spew their malice and racism? The constitution says that they can. The very document that they attempted to destroy is now their protector. But if there is no punishment, will others follow? Will our government become a thing of the pass? Elections ignored at the whim of a powerful few.

Can the Republican Party be trusted to obey the will of the voters or in the future, will they attempt to overthrow another duly elected government? The elections in the year 2000 is a chance for all Americans to use their right to vote and defeat those who have attempted to take it away.

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